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Find out how to make your Impala go fast with rig tuning, sail trimming and boat preparation guides from the past 40 years.

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Find out what One Design and handicap events Impalas will be sailing this year and download the calendar to your phone.

2011 Membership forms now online

As the 2011 sailing season nears, it’s time to rejoin the class association. You’ll find this year’s renewal forms in the ‘Join the Class Association’ section of the website. Why join? If you’re planning to

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Have you checked your rig yet this year?

‘Masts are remarkably durable items — given good support, proper handling and caring routine maintenance, they will last 20 years or so.’  Hopefully there’s still some masts around from 20 years ago – which is

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David Thomas’ hints from the past

They say you can learn a lot from history –  but does that apply to learning how to sail your boat fast? Read David Thomas’ notes on sailing fast from the 1996/97 yearbook – and

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Nationals update

See the nationals page for the latest info on the 2011 championships, which will be at the RSrnYC in Hamble. The association has negotiated a reduced price lift-in and trailer storage deal for visiting boats.

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Welcome to the new Impala website!

Welcome to the new Impala website! It’s hoped that this site will become the focal point for all impala news, views, results and issues. Take some time to look around – and feel free to

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History of the Impala

From Offshore One Design council winner in 1979 and still winning races in the 21st century - find out the history and reviews of the Impala 28


Find out how to maintain your Impala, from replacing hatches to engine repairs, new rudders, adding water tanks and more

Nationals winners

Find out which boats were on the podium at the Impala National Championships from 1979 to today.

Class Rules

Explore the class rules, with engine installation diagrams, corrector weights, spars, equipment and sail dimensions

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