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Impalas are blessed with fairly simple rigs – but, like any boat, they are sensitive to correct sail selection, sail trim and rig setup – along with good crew work, of course. This section’s articles should help you get your Impala up to speed!

Hover over the ‘Tuning’ tab above to see the full range of articles. Why not start with the boat’s designer, David Thomas’ tips from the past? Looking to set your rig up properly? The rig tuning and set up page should help. With that done, you can move on to sails setting and trimming. Finally, take a look at the guides to sailing in Light, Medium and Strong winds respectively. Soon to come are guides to who does what during manoevures and ‘how to’ guides, on peeling and sail changes. If you have any tips on how to make an Impala fly, share them with other owners by sending them in!

  • Hints from the Past by David Thomas
  • Going upwind fast in a breeze
  • Sail Trim
  • Sailing downwind fast
  • Upwind sail tuning
  • Tuning your Impala
  • Rig tuning and set up
  • Sailing in Light Airs
  • Sailing in Medium Winds
  • Sailing in Strong Winds
  • Sailing in Strong Winds
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