7 things you might not know about the Impala… by Peter Poland

1. Why is the Impala narrower than the Hydro and other similar length Half Tonners of its era?
Because the original Hunter factory doors were only 9’3″ wide and Hunter’s Derek Chardin said it would cost too much to widen the hole and get new roller doors. So the Impala hull has a beam that just fitted through!

2. Which was the first Impala to be launched and why?
The second hull, C Cee (now Polly) because Tim Harrison finished his kit boat before the factory finished the prototype.

3. Why does the Impala keel have a lead shoe?
Because the RORC changed the CGF aspect of the IOR rule after the boat was launched and the handicap went up without added ballast.

4. When was the last Impala class live crab race across a hotel’s dining room floor?
At the Weymouth Nationals in 1982.

5. What did Spen King also design; as well as the winged bulbed Impala keel development he fitted to Burhou?
The original Range Rover.

6. How far was the works Impala ‘Trudi‘ from the RYS finishing line at Cowes Week when the mast fell down in the famous ‘gale race?
20 yards (or thereabouts)

7. Where is the largest Impala fleet outside the UK?
Hong Kong.


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