If you have a yanmar 1gm10 inboard, read on… “Polly’s engine had been a bit sluggish recently,  covering the transom in a black oily mark and making white smoke. A box of spanners and a box full of oily bits of engine later, it turns out the exhaust elbow had corroded, allowing cooling water into the exhaust port on the head, which in turn corroded that through, which pumped the engine oil out of the exhaust pipe. The engine needs a new head and exhaust elbow. £600 later, the only good bit is we found it when we did. We’ll be checking the elbow every winter to make sure it doesn’t corrode through. If you have the yanmar 1gm10 and it’s a bit sluggish, or has black exhaust and white smoke, take off the elbow and check the welded tube inside very carefully! Apparently it’s a common problem on this engine, and should be replaced as a service item. If you do need to replace it, you can download the manuals for free from here and save on mechanics’ costs!”

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