Winter Schedule

Fix the broken stanchion – when the spares arrive !!

Clean/wash the whole of the interior

Sort out engine well lid (Funny – that was also on last year’s list)

Draw and inspect rudder bolts

Draw and inspect chainplate bolts

Re-set all tracks

Re-set the two deck vents

Replace forward hatch

Re-site back stay cleats

Remove, clean and rebuild genny winches

Clean sea cocks

All sheeted in and balanced to windwards


Zulu crossing the line at Fowey Week 2010

My previous Impala

Impala 1 in light winds in Hong Kong Harbour

This is the Huan

An earlier rig I designed in 1973 and built the sails for.

The main sail is 232 sq. metres so just a tad larger (10 x ) than an Impala main.


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