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Impalas race one design at Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club from September to June in Hong Kong Harbour.

Our events are listed on the RHKYC website’s race calendar. In the summer, winds are from the south, and HK Harbour is in a wind shadow. About half the fleet move to Shelter Cove to race in the Typhoon Series organized by the Hebe Haven Yacht Club under IRC. We are fortunate that we can race all year round, as cruisers under IRC or as OOD.
Our Fleet Captain is Mike Burrell, and our Class Secretary is David Norton.
Impala sailors visiting Hong Kong are encouraged to contact us c/o the RHKYC, and we’ll try to arrange a sail in our waters.


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Owen · April 17, 2011 at 3:41 am

The next Impala should be Paddy.B (me) in sixth lol

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