A blustery 16-20 knots, slowly reducing throughout the day greeted the 12 Impalas on the startline of the coastal race this morning. After a practice start, racing got underway on a square course that took competitors the long way around Plymouth breakwater. Four laps and 3 hours later, Fearnought showed the fleet the way, finishing ahead of fellow Brixham boat Impulsive and Plymouth-based Imelda.

Tomorrow and sunday will have four races a day, in a NW’ly 12-15 knots. Unconfirmed rumour has it the rain may hold off long enough to get a few races in…

Results after day one:

Place Sail No Name Owner
1 GBR9571 Fearnought Matt Dodd
2 GBR9594 Impulsive Allan Bancroft
3 9510 Imelda Robert Boalch
4 GBR9500 Polly Ben Meakins/Adrian Cudmore
5 NED9616 Imptish Barnaby Smith
6 9609 Zulu Kevin Palfreeman
7 GBR9507 Jiminy Cricket John Williams
8 GBR9518 Happy John McQuillan
9 GBR9564 Atalanta Stuart Higgins
10 GBR9548 Vlad the Impala Perry Martin
11 9542 Wisecrack Roger Stanbury
DNF GBR9599 Maverick Frank Ellwood
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