Our correspondent embedded in Impala 1’s cockpit reports from the front line.

Impala 1 was 10 seconds late at the start, but first to tack into the ebbing tide to head for North Point.
Mike was driving, Hillary on main, Gaston trimmer, Steve piano & trimmer, Regula bow.
Gaston had to hike for Dave, who was AWOL.

Tacked back to Starboard at the bricks, Taxi tried to cross ahead on Impala 1, Mike had to tack to avoid T-boning them, and got my shoes all wet…

After the usual exchange of pleasantries, Taxi did a 2 turn penalty and lost a couple of places.

Also Can found a terrific lift on the left, and was first at TKS, I1 was second, Rainbow 3rd

On the run, AC and Gnu went left, Impala 1 hugged the runway to stay out of the tide. AC and Gnu found more wind and got to KB ahead of us. Perhaps there is a wind shadow to the lee of the new passenger terminal.

We managed to pass AC when they overlaid TKS but we could not pass Gnu… though we tried very hard…

So the result was

1. Gnu
2. Impala 1
3. Rainbow
4. Taxi
5. Also Can

Beers came up at that point and we stopped counting ….

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