by Mark Bradshaw

As I was remodelling the galley on Mersonary I took the opportunity to move the water tank from forward under the forepeak to under the galley.

By cutting a new hatch hole in the bunk top directly under the cooker I opened up the unused void space last seen in 1978 – thus releasing vintage Essex air in the process, yuk!

The resulting space nicely accomodates the 100 litre rectangular Plastimo bag tank whilst liberating room forward. I also now have an attractive fixed portlight in the head where the old filler point was (now moved to starboard sidedeck ahead of main bulkhead).

Advantages are:
Less weight forward when tank full, weight now low down & close to CoG.
Uses previously unused space.
Shorter pipe runs to and from tank – less hose & easier to pump!
Opportunity to use Rotozip.

The only down side is having to cut a new filler hole in the deck – no great chore.


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