Nationals update – 2
Further to members’ comments I have spoken with Race Officer for the weekend; Adrian Patterson (who used to sail Impalas)

The target schedule is now:

Friday: a four hour race
Saturday: Three races
Sunday: Two races

For instance: Friday: Start Noon – finish 16.00
Saturday: 10.00 or 10.30 – finish last race 17.00
Sunday: 10.00 or 10.30 Finish last race 15.30

We will be the first Class away each day.
As well as the fixed marks, he expects to have two marks that can be laid.

His thinking is to lay a mixture of Windward-Leeward and triangular courses (in lighter winds)

Boats will finish on one side of the committee boat, leaving the other side as a start line, as our finishing and starting times might be out of sync with the other classes.
In general this should allow for slightly longer races than last year.
Note that if the wind is West, then the start will be some way offshore, but the finish for the last race will be at the windward mark, thus one beat closer to the moorings.
(It will probably be an extra leg, rather than a shorted course )

Total Six races; with following discards
Six Races – five to count
Five races – four to count
Four – three to count
Three – three to count
Less than three – no Championship winner declared

In this way, if the weather is against us; Storms or flat calms, we will have a good idea by Saturday afternoon if we need to press the panic button and have three short races on Sunday.

If it is really windy as a last resort there is an option to race in Portland Harbour

Mooring: It seems a general view that mooring on the pontoon in the Cove is best as then there is no need for dinghies.
If someone would like to volunteer for shoreside duties we can get some ice and drinks laid on.

Next Question: Shall we have a dinner at Weymouth SC ? Friday or Saturday ? If anyone has strong views let me know, otherwise I will talk to club about what can be done for the Saturday.

Would those arriving by road please let me know ASAP so we can make reception and launching arrangements.



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