New Impala owner Barney Smith and two friends spent last week bringing Imptish, which he bought in Hoorn, Holland, back to the UK. He writes: ‘ Too tired to write much and need to do some proper work to earn money to pay for the boat… But here’s a brief synopsis:  Three men in a boat, One beautiful new outboard (named Suzy) which was used for 48 hours – the 4th outboard we had to play with… one exploding powder fire extinguisher, Five days of unseasonal weather – Max temp 29 degress in Ostend on Oct 1st. Max  windspeed 10 knots (off Rye for 20 minutes), Route – Hoorn, Netherlands to Durgendam to Ostend via N Sea Canal, then across Dover Straits to Brighton. Boat now sitting in extortionate marina until the storms pass through and we can finish bringing her to her new home in Hamble for some racing and cruising.’

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