1239698_725502107473527_1645116682_nFrom the 1982 Impala handbook – just ahead of a previous Impala Nationals at Weymouth.

If you’re heading to the Weymouth nationals this year, don’t forget that you may qualify for a travel bursary to help offset some of the costs of transporting your boat by road – so you shouldn’t have to resort to these kind of measures…

Email info@impala28.co.uk if you are considering trailing the boat to the nationals – there are a number of trailers available to borrow, too – so there’s no excuse!

Screen shot 2014-02-14 at 10.39.25We’ve also turned up this leaflet. Plus ca change… an Impala newsletter from around 1983.
‘For reasons that are hard to define, the Impala class attracts really nice owners. Wherever you find Impalas, the owner and their wives, girlfriends and crews seem to have a lot of fun. They are not maniac hotshots. But they are very capable and very friendly. The competition is very keen but never nasty. We are eternally grateful that the heavy pros leave the class alone, and let the Impala owners and their crews get on with having a lot of great racing, great parties and great fun.’
Not much has changed – come to Weymouth THIS July and find out!


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