From Jo Lloyd: ‘After more years involvement than I care to remember, the time has come for me to stand down from all my roles within the Impala Class Association. I’ll be standing down from both Class Captain and Membership Secretary/Treasurer at this year’s AGM which will held in the next few weeks.

It’s not a decision I’ve come to lightly but with an elderly and increasingly infirm mother, three businesses and a life to run, something has to give and I’m afraid it’s the ICA. I know the old adage “if you want something done, ask a busy person” is true but this busy person has too much busy to be able to give the ICA the time and attention it needs to thrive.

We’ve come a long way since the dark days of 2009 when it seemed as if the ICA, and with it our One Design status, would die. The membership is healthy and the ICA is in good hands with Kevin, Ben and Philip at the helm.

That means we need a new Membership Secretary/Treasurer to take over from me.

Over the years I’ve automated the work so it isn’t as onerous as it used to be. If you can work Excel and Word, you can do the job. I guess over the whole year it probably takes no more than two hours a month to do. I’ll supply the incoming MS/T with all the documentation to support the role and will talk him/her through how it all works. I’ll also have all the papers prepared for the AGM so the all incoming MS/T has to do is deal with the membership applications. If anyone would like the role and would like a chat to me before “volunteering”, email through the usual route or via jo at

I’d like to thank all those members who have supported the Association and me over the years. Particular thanks have to go to the current Committee of Kevin Palfreeman, Ben Meakins and Philip McDanell. I think I’ve been MS/T under 5 or 6 Class Captains, including myself, so its time someone else took over.



If you would be willing to volunteer for the role, email, and help keep up the great momentum that has been building in the class for the past few seasons. Many grateful thanks to Jo for her sterling efforts in keeping the class alive and well over the past decade.


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