Nab Tower race report

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Magic in the JOG Nab Tower race - thansk to Hamo Thornycroft/

Magic in the JOG Nab Tower race – thanks to Hamo Thornycroft/

For Solent based boats, the 2015 JOG Inshore Series started last Saturday (18th April) with the 35 mile Nab Tower Race. Starting from a line off Egypt Point in West Cowes, the course headed east between the forts built to protect the approaches to Portsmouth and Spit Head before turning South East to the Nab Tower which sits approximately fifteen miles due south of Hayling Island. Leaving the tower to starboard the course is then reciprocated back to Cowes.

This year, four Impala’s were entered for the race, making the class jointly the biggest one design represented alongside the Sigma 38s (there were 3 J109s and 2 Sigma 33s).

Racing in class six, the start was scheduled for 0730. The forecast was for a sunny day with around 16kts, gusting a little more from the east. In the event the wind speed at start time was well over 30kts and with that opposing a strong spring tide, the sea state was, by Solent standards, appalling. Later classes reported less wind and a calmer sea and it is perhaps ironic that it was the small boats who got the worst of the conditions.

Aiden Barr’s Cheeky Monkey quite reasonably scratched leaving Imptish, Magic and Two Frank to fight it out for the honour of first Impala. Sam Flint and Oliver Love were the next to withdraw from the ring. Starting the race with the fleet, they took a sharp right into Cowes after the gun and promptly retired in favour of a nice breakfast.

Magic was subject to an individual recall but unfortunately did not hear the call so was, unsurprisingly, among the front runners off the line, passing two Laser 28s and a She 36 during the beat down to Ryde. Imptish, short-handed with only three on-board made a more conservative start and soon found themselves alone as other competitors retired. The seastate was brutal and the gusts continued in the thirties. Both Impala’s had crews incapacitated with sickness but the boats bore the strain well.

A close reach back to the Solent allowed some respite and by the time the leaders bore away at Horse Sand Fort the seastate had calmed as the tide was now with the wind which was down in the teens. Magic finished sixth but after the imposition of a time penalty for being OCS she was reduced down to ninth. Imptish finished tenth.


George Beevor

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14 boats already entered!

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Screen shot 2015-04-02 at 10.10.19These 14 boats have already entered the nationals! Cheeky Monkey, Two Frank, Uproar, Trudi, Imptish, Firebird, Vlad the Impala, Polly, Curved Air, Rocker, Parallel Universe, Magic, Hound Dog and Nyala – and more are expected to join in the next few weeks. That makes it already the biggest nationals for well over a decade! Come and join in!

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Early entry discount ends on 1 April – enter now!

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10268683_593113980786527_6582791391235287649_nCheeky Monkey entered the nationals this morning, which brings us well into double figures for this year’s event – and it’s only March!

You’ve got until midnight tomorrow (31st March) to enter the 2015 Impala Nationals and qualify for the early entry discount, saving 20% on the standard entry fee.

Enter online now!

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Enter the 2015 nationals online now!

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You can now enter the 2015 nationals online using our online entry form. Due to a higher than expected level of entries already, we’ve extended the early entry deadline until the 31st March. Fill in the form before then, and you can take advantage of a reduced entry fee of £225, saving 20% on the standard entry fee.

Your entry fee covers berthing at Shepherds Wharf marina; race management on your own course with your own committee boat; full support from the club we have commissioned to run the event for us – Cowes Corinthian Yacht Club AND some social events. Remember the Class Association is running the event entirely this year  . . . and we need to pay people upfront, which is why we’re making an unbeatable offer for you.

Once you’ve entered, please contact Sam Flint, the membership secretary, to transfer the fee by BACS.

We look forward to seeing you there!


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Coming by road?

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Trailing an ImpalaGreat news if you’re considering trailing your boat to the nationals.

We’ve managed to negotiate a great deal for boats coming by road to the Impala Nationals in 2015. Driver’s Dry Berthing in Northam
will provide the following:


  • Lift off trailer
  • Mast stepping
  • Trailer storage for 10 days (if you’re staying for the Round the Island)
  • Mast lowering
  • Lift back on to trailer

…for the price of £150 inc VAT. This is a great deal, especially in the Solent – it would normally come to £528 without the trailer storage!

TScreen shot 2015-02-05 at 14.15.58he yard is located on the river Itchen above the toll bridge, it’s a short sail down Southampton Water and to Cowes from there.

If you’d like to borrow a trailer for the trip, get in touch – we have a pool of roadworthy ones which the owners are happy to lend out to visiting boats.

And finally, don’t forget that if you’re coming more than 100 miles by road there are travel bursaries of £100 available from the class association as a contribution to the costs.

Let me know if you’d be interested and I’ll let the yard know how many boats to expect. Remember that you get three events for one road trip – the Nationals, Round the Island race and David Thomas Regatta – and if you stay around longer there’s the IRC Small Boats Championships as well!


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Provisional Solent Calendar 2015

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015018The Solent fleet has been putting together a provisional Solent Calendar for 2015. Download as a PDF here or as a .ics file  so you can input it straight into your phone / outlook calendar.  Download it as an ics file here

It would be good to get some expressions of interest, so can you all hit reply and let us know your vague plans for the year?

In addition to the Impala Nationals (20-22 June in Cowes) we’re also proposing to run two weekends (or single days if preferred) as one-design training days on 09 May and 06 June. These will consist of lots of low-key short, sharp races to get us all in shape in time for the Nationals, as well as some starting exercises, with a pub meal in the evenings and a chance to talk to other owners to find out how they do things. Would these be of interest? let us know –

other Key Events with big entries expected:
Did we mention the nationals, 20-22 June, CCYC, Cowes?
RTI – 27th June
IRC Small Boat Champs
Cowes Week

Hope your winter refits are going well and look forward to seeing you out on the water next season! Happy 2015!

What’s going on in your part of the country? Let us know!

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2015 Nationals – generous Early Bird Discounts

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Save up to £50.00 on the full entry price!

Nationals costs have been set and there’s a substantial discount for early birds. Early entrants can save almost 20% on the full cost of entry by entering before 28th February 2015.

Your entry fee covers berthing at the renowned Shepherds Wharf marina; race management on your own course with your own committee boat; full support from the club we have commissioned to run the event for us – Cowes Corinthian Yacht Club AND some social events. Remember the Class Association is running the event entirely this year  . . . and we need to pay people upfront, which is why we’re making an unbeatable offer for you.

Enter before 28th February 2015 and save £50.00 on the full entry price! You pay just £225.00.

Enter between 1st March 2015 and 30th April 2015 and the price goes up to £250.00.

Enter after 30th April 2015 and before 1st June, and it’s £275.00.

We appreciate that boats change hands and that people want to come and sail the Nationals so, at the Committee’s discretion, we will accept last minute entries up to 15th June 2015. However, a 20% premium on the full entry fee may be charged.

The NOR & Entry Form are out soon – or if you want to get ahead our Treasurer, Sam Flint, will happily take your money now. BACS details are  . .. . . . .      and please use your sail number & Nats15 as the reference.

The NOR & Entry Form are out soon – or if you want to get ahead our Treasurer, Sam Flint, will happily take your money now. Contact Sam by emailing for BACS details.

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Garmin Hamble Winter Series 2014

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Hamble Winter Series 20147 Impalas sailed in the Garmin Hamble Winter Series this year – Polly, Two Frank, Imptish, Magic, Vlad the Impala, Voodoo and Curved Air. Results here. And to add to that, there are at least 3 boats joining the Solent fleet early next season – Uproar, Hound Dog and Wild Craic (formerly Lammergeyer). Come and join us! There will be an informal Impala gathering at the Dolce Vita in Hamble after the prizegiving on Saturday 6th December – come and join us! Email if you’re interested.

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Menacing skies…

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Screen shot 2014-11-17 at 12.57.04A blustery day on week  6 of the Garmin Hamble Winter Series. Very close racing this week, with lots of bigger boats to contend with. Polly was first Impala, beaten on the water and handicap by 1/4 tonner Flashheart. Two Frank was 2nd and Imptish 3rd.

Thanks to Ross Elliston on the committee boat for the pic!

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7 things you might not know about the Impala

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Unknown7 things you might not know about the Impala… by Peter Poland

1. Why is the Impala narrower than the Hydro and other similar length Half Tonners of its era?
Because the original Hunter factory doors were only 9’3″ wide and Hunter’s Derek Chardin said it would cost too much to widen the hole and get new roller doors. So the Impala hull has a beam that just fitted through!

2. Which was they first Impala to be launched and why?
The second hull, C Cee (now Polly) because Tim Harrison finished his kit boat before the factory finished the prototype.

3. Why does the Impala keel have a lead shoe?
Because the RORC changed the CGF aspect of the IOR rule after the boat was launched and the handicap went up without added ballast.

4. When was the last Impala class live crab race across a hotel’s dining room floor?
At the Weymouth Nationals in 1982.

5. What did Sven King also design; as well as the winged bulbed Impala keel development he fitted to Burhou?
The original Range Rover.

6. How far was the works Impala ‘Trudi‘ from the RYS finishing line at Cowes Week when the mast fell down in the famous ‘gale race?
20 yards (or thereabouts)

7. Where is the largest Impala fleet outside the UK?
Hong Kong.