JOG Nab Tower 2014 race report

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(c) Trevor Drew - Class 6 get underway

(c) Trevor Drew – Class 6 get underway

Saturday saw 3 Impalas out for the first JOG race of the year – Cowes to the Nab Tower and back. Two Frank’s Olly Love writes: ‘The race started very very badly for us on the motor over when we had the bacon sandwiches in the oven but forgot to get gas so had to eat them cold…

‘Our start was a bit interesting: with the tide flowing and 5-8 knots of wind we did not want to be too close, and so we were a little late, giving the jump to Magic. With some people electing for kite on the first leg and a host of Code 0’s being hoisted we chose to go for the light No.1 and trim the backside out of the sails, with the whole crew moving weight and tweaking everything in sight we sailed FRANK like a dinghy to catch up to Magic.

‘We sat looking at her stern for 8 miles, inching closer then losing the gains. At the forts the breeze had freshened to 15 knots so the heavy no1 came out and the crew peeled loosing us some ground but saving the light no1. We chose to play the tidal shift further towards the nab and got it spot on… And watched a certain French female helm blowing out their Genoa.

‘Magic decided to head for Brighton and Cheeky Monkey elected to come with us. So it was a drag race to the Nab with the crew hiking hard. We arrived at the Nab ahead and decided to hoist.

‘This is where it went a bit wrong! As our mast woman hoisted she decided to throw herself over the guardrails and into the Solent. With other boats down the back of our necks we held course and two of the biggest crew dragged her out of the water and set the kite. (she was ok and ended up wearing most of the crews kit). The reach back was a bit of kite up and down but we arrived at the forts at the same time as Magic (one design at its best) they stalled in the lee of the fort and we managed to coast around. There was a lot of shouting to larger boats about depth on the following leg with our depth reading between 0.1 and 0.2 for about 20 mins we got out of the tide and made gains with the no1 up.

There was a slight navigational error at Snowden (I missed it and had to gybe round forgetting to tell the crew what we were doing.) After a tense 45 seconds at the finish it was a close finish between the Impalas and Frank 7th overall by 7 seconds!

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Anniversary stickers available!

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35Years 1 David Appleton’s Shoestring is sporting a smart vinyl version of the Impala’s 35 Years logo. Available for around £15! Do you want one for your boat? Let us know – the more we order the cheaper they will be. Comment here if you’d like one or email!

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Fame at last!

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coverSHOP13‘The £10k yacht – How to go racing and win in an affordable one-design’

That’s how Rupert Holmes’ boat test of the Impala is billed on the cover of the May 2014 issue of Yachts and Yaching – on sale now!

…and if that article brought you here, welcome to the Impala class! Check out the Boats for Sale, as well as the tuning and maintenance tips, cruising stories and boat profiles above – and feel free to email us at if you have any questions!

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2014 Nationals Update

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Screen shot 2014-03-31 at 12.27.1635th Impala Nationals – Weymouth – Friday 25th to Sunday 27th July

Preparations for the 2014 Nationals Championships are going well and we’re looking forward to having a large fleet of Impalas in Weymouth at the end of July to celebrate the classes 35th Birthday.

To date we’ve confirmed:

· A 7 race series (2 Friday, 3 Saturday and 2 Sunday)
· Our own course area
· Our own committee boat, mark laying ribs and race officer (and a reserve race officer!)
· Reduced cost mooring in the Cove Area of old Weymouth Harbour for up to 20 boats (the same place as 2013) with shore access less than 3 minute walk from shops, cafes, self catering houses, B&Bs and pubs. Early arrivals should be able to moor there from the beginning of the week

The on-shore programme is also beginning to shape up. Provisional arrangements include:

· Thursday 24th – evening welcome party and competitors briefing at the Royal Dorset Yacht Club
· Friday 25th – pontoon party followed by a “night in” at our hosts Weymouth Sailing Club
· Saturday 26th – 35th Anniversary Dinner at Weymouth Pavilion, hopefully with multimedia, speeches, music and dancing (for those who want to!)
· Sunday 27th – Main prize giving – Weymouth Sailing Club

In the next couple of weeks we should be able to confirm reduced cost launching at the facilities in Portland for trailed boats.

More details including the Notice of Race and entry costs will be out in the next couple of weeks.
It’s going to be a fantastic event, make sure you’re there!

Barney Smith (35th Nationals Organiser)

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Spring is Sprung

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unionSpring seems to be sprung! Boats are beginning to go back in the water, including David Appleton’s on the East Coast. ‘Here’s one way to get rid of all of the old tins of Antifouling in the shed’, he writes…

Rule Britannia!

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The word spreads…

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Screen shot 2014-02-19 at 13.19.38John McQuillan’s Happy went out in Poole Harbour yesterday with Rupert Holmes from Yachts and Yachting Magazine on board. Keep an eye out for his boat test and profile of the Impala class in its 35th year!

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Some good news from the West Country

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Screen shot 2014-02-17 at 13.13.10Good news from the Severn Estuary – Thornbury SC to be precise – where a syndicate has bought Mercenary from Scotland. She joins Romper and Rocker to take the club’s Impala fleet to 3!

That’s another club where racing fleets are building. Read here to find out the 5 reasons you should buy an Impala in 2014 then check out the boats for sale – and come and join the fun in our 35th year!


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Real Penny Washers

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PennywashersAiden Barr writes: ‘Stripping Cheeky Monkey this winter and tracking down leaks I came across some brass/bronze penny washers behind a deck fitting. Not having seen brass/bronze penny washers before got me thinking – why were they used ? where could I source a replacement ? I decided to take them off to clean up at home to see if they could be re-used. Imagine my surprise when the cleaning process revealed a 2p coin!

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Hit the road….

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1239698_725502107473527_1645116682_nFrom the 1982 Impala handbook – just ahead of a previous Impala Nationals at Weymouth.

If you’re heading to the Weymouth nationals this year, don’t forget that you may qualify for a travel bursary to help offset some of the costs of transporting your boat by road – so you shouldn’t have to resort to these kind of measures…

Email if you are considering trailing the boat to the nationals – there are a number of trailers available to borrow, too – so there’s no excuse!

Screen shot 2014-02-14 at 10.39.25We’ve also turned up this leaflet. Plus ca change… an Impala newsletter from around 1983.
‘For reasons that are hard to define, the Impala class attracts really nice owners. Wherever you find Impalas, the owner and their wives, girlfriends and crews seem to have a lot of fun. They are not maniac hotshots. But they are very capable and very friendly. The competition is very keen but never nasty. We are eternally grateful that the heavy pros leave the class alone, and let the Impala owners and their crews get on with having a lot of great racing, great parties and great fun.’
Not much has changed – come to Weymouth THIS July and find out!

Winter is for Boat Maintenance

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1798782_10152235080479532_417790559_nIt might be the depths of winter, but there’s no letup down in Itchenor, where Olly Love and Sam Flint’s Two Frank‘s topsides are being filled, faired and sanded ready for a shiny new black paint job for 2014.
What’s happening to your boat this winter? Let us know by emailing

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