Hamo Thornycroft/www.yacht-photos.co.uk

Sunday provided a marked contrast to the past few weeks of racing in the Warsash Spring Series, as a cold, brisk northerly wind forced the Impala crews from Imptish and Polly, to remember how to sail in a breeze. Imptish got the better start and picked up an early left shift that got them to the windward mark in first place. The wind increased as the day went on, and by the final beat, the tide kicked up a nasty chop that made windward speed tricky to find. Polly snuck ahead of Imptish to finish third on the water, but close enough to the Mustang 30 and Sigma 33 in front to save her time and sneak ahead by 59 seconds on corrected time. Imptish finished fourth. Cold, wet crews could be heard muttering that maybe summer wasn’t quite here yet…

The season is beginning to swing into action, so please send in any race reports or updates on what your plans are for the year around the country! Email info@impala28.co.uk


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