ruffian 14137966_10210105255578583_5962002359894909770_o 14124443_10153939367822039_2267248080543172687_oGood to see 2 Impala’s racing at the recent Grimsby and Cleethorpes Yacht Club regatta on the Saturday and Sunday of the August Bank Holiday. There are 3 Impala’s in the Humber area including Lifjetti 5 but only Menace and Ruffian are actively racing.

The 2 Impalas raced in the IRC fleet alongside a variety of boats with the smallest being a GK24 and the largest an Elan 37 ; the NHC classes made the total numbers racing 17 on both days.

Menace won both races with Ruffian taking 3rd place on Saturday and 2nd place on Sunday in a variety of wind and sea conditions ranging from 5 knots up to 20 knots.

Led our competitors to comment on the conditions being ‘ideal Impala conditions’ but we are happy to sail in all conditions !

We invested in new North Sails this year which we get out on special occasions and they have performed very well and I would thoroughly recommend them – the day to day set are 10 years old and it is fair to say they are a bit baggy !

Also took the trouble to remove 10 years of filler and antifoul off the boat we bought last year and now have a bottom we can be proud of.

Can’t speak for Ruffian but we are trying to come south on Menace to do a bit more class racing.

All in all we are having a very enjoyable time racing in the Humber and Brian my co-owner is now back in Impalas after having sold Firebird a few years ago ; I have also got my 12 year old son on board as ‘pitman’ and hope to train him to ‘bowman’ asap as I am a bit big for the pointy end (6’4 !)


Best regards to all

Phil Nickells











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