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Imptish and Polly made the trip 30 miles west to Poole for the International Paint Poole Regatta over the Jubilee weekend, for three days of racing. Local boat Parallel Universe also raced in the Local Handicap class. There were calms, gales, big seas and spring tides to contend with, and the two Impalas enjoyed some close racing in all conditions. The first two days gave them a good lesson in how to sail in big waves – a surprise for those more used to the more placid Solent chop. Still, that should come in handy for the nationals in Plymouth in just over a month’s time!

At the end of the weekend, Polly was in 6th place, and Imptish in 7th in IRC 3, a wide-rating band from 0.950 and below. Severe Cockup of the weekend award goes fair and square to Polly, who had to retire before the start of the third race on day two having shredded one halyard and lost three, yes, you read that correctly, three other halyards up the rig in 25 knots!

David Harding’s excellent photos are here

See you all at the Nationals in Plymouth!


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